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Natera has developed Signatera, a personalized ctDNA test for molecular residual disease (MRD) detection and recurrence monitoring in patients previously diagnosed with cancer. Signatera's tumor-informed assay is optimized to detect low levels of ctDNA, with high accuracy in identifying MRD and recurrence with longer lead times.

Signatera has been clinically validated in multiple cancer types including colorectal, non-small cell lung, breast, and bladder cancers. Look deeper at www.natera.com/oncology


Nikki Desai

Nikki Desai,
Business Development Manager,
Email: nidesai@natera.com  LinkedIn Profile



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Geneoscopy is a molecular diagnostics company committed to providing safe, effective, and innovative non-invasive tests to improve the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The Company has developed a proprietary method to isolate eukaryotic RNA biomarkers from stool samples. This platform has been used to build a noninvasive diagnostic that can detect both colorectal cancer and precancercous adenomas with high sensitivity. Geneoscopy’s RNA extraction platform enables access to a variety of clinically relevant biomarkers, including: GI enterocytes, lymphocytes, and host-microbiome interaction. This allows for opportunities as standalone tests, companion diagnostics, and/or clinical trials tools.


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Jim Fitzgibbon,
VP, Business Development and Biopharma Partnering,
Email: jim.fitzgibbon@geneoscopy.com  LinkedIn Profile