Welcome to the Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Drug Development Summit - The only biopharma-led conference dedicated to identifying and progressing therapeutic opportunities in targeted and immunotherapies to address the large unmet clinical need in GI cancers

This industry-dedicated meeting offers a comprehensive insight into developing optimal clinical programs for targeted, immune, and ADC therapies in these solid tumors. Join us as we navigate cancer heterogeneity and develop biomarker-driven enrichment strategies to direct better treatments to specific patient subsets and invest in rationale therapeutic combination approaches for this vastly unmet clinical need.

Learn how to advance your therapeutic to address the disparity in treatment efficacy in GI cancers compared to other cancer indications through:

  • Discovering optimal clinical programs for immune therapies, ADCs, and targeted therapies (somatic, RAS, RAF, HER, FGFR, NGR1 fusions, IDH)
  • Developing effective clinical trial programs for these therapies
  • Utilizing precision oncology, companion diagnostics, and patient groups for improved patient outlook


2021 Attending Companies Included:

2021 Official Partners